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UFC 173 Daniel Cormier vs Dan Henderson Full Fight

Daniel Cormier Against Dan Henderson At UFC 173

Before UFC 214, let us look back to that time when the current light heavyweight Champion, faced one of the UFC old guards at UFC 173. A guy who they believed would give him some problems. A guy who if he landed that right hand, that H Bomb. Everything would change!

Well, he faced that guy, Dan Henderson, one of the toughest old sons a gun in the sport. A former Pride Fighting Championships champion. Hendo was that guy, who was supposed to give Daniel Cormier problems. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. And it was very much a one side whopping by the rising DC. Who implemented his game plan and slammed Henderson over and over and over again.

Following the bout the current at the time Champion Jon Jones. Said that he wasn’t impressed by the win saying that Cormier was beating up and old man. None the less, it would be the deciding fight got DC a shot at the Champion Jones at UFC 182.┬áSo before Daniel Cormier faces Jon Jones for a second time at UFC 214. Let’s take a look back at his victory over Dan Henderson at UFC 173, way back in 2014.

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