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Daniel Cormier vs Dan Henderson UFC 173 Full Fight

Daniel Cormier vs Dan Henderson Full Fight

The current UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier defeated living legend Dan Henderson at UFC 173. Don’t miss Cormier as he is once again set to defend his belt. Against the super dangerous knock out specialist Anthony Johnson at UFC 210. But first off, let’s watch DC manhandled the former Pride FC middleweight champion inside the UFC octagon.

Henderson is one of the veterans of the sport and known for his heavy hands at middleweight. Coming up against Daniel Cormier at light heavyweight is not the first time Hendo has tested the 205 lb waters. But in Cormier, he faces one of the very best to ever set foot inside the UFC octagon. And in this fight, we get to see some of the very best of DC as he goes to work on the MMA legend. A very tough fight for Hendo against one of the very best to ever do it!

And Cormier shows exactly why he is considered one of the very best to ever compete. If not for another certain light heavyweight, Cormier could have well ruled in two divisions. But in this fight, we get to see why his wrestling is amongst the very best in all mixed martial arts. As DC is able to utterly control the former champion. With some creative moves and takedowns, he ends up completely dominating Henderson who is completely outclassed.

Cormier vs Henderson Round One

Once the bigger man Cormier was able to get Henderson to the ground, there was very little else he could do except to and fight his way out. But time and time again DC shows us his Olympic calibre wrestling. Side mounting Dan and never giving him room to breathe. The round continues like this until Henderson is able to escape, even managing to get Cormier up against the cage, but it was a clear round for Cormier.

As the second round begins Dan tries to get off some shots on Cormier, but nothing connects. The pair once again clinch up as DC gets Hendo to the ground. Where once again he dominates the Olympic wrestler from the top.

The Final Round

Going into the third and final round and Cormier begins to turn up the pressure, forcing Henderson on to the back foot. Landing some kicks, then picking Hendo up over his head and slamming him to the mat. Manhandling a fighter who has never been manhandled in his entire career! DC follows up with a beautiful trip. Within a few moments, Henderson is mounted with Cormier choking him out for the finish.

Great to see these two facing off inside the cage, but a fight that could have happened many years before when both were at their peak. Onwards and upwards for the for Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix winner.

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