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Daniel Cormier Exclusive UFC 214 Interview with BT Sport

Daniel Cormier UFC 214 Exclusive Interview with BT Sport

The current reigning UFC Light heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier. Sat down with BT sport in the UK for an exclusive interview, before his main event fight at UFC 214. Where he will be facing the former undisputed Champion, Jonny “Bones” Jones.

People may not realise, but this is actually the fourth no fifth time, DC has had to prepare to face Jones. And this time he’s confident that it will happen. With all the right noises coming from the Jones camp. And after having failed so many times in the past, it simply has to happen this time around.

Even though Cormier is now 38 years old. He still feels as though he has plenty left in the tank., having only been fighting for 7 years outside of his wrestling career. So he feels that he really hasn’t taken the same degree of damage which some other fighters have.┬áDaniel feels that the way to beat Jones is to pressure him.

“He doesn’t like getting Hit”

But DC also feels that he has to do a better defensive job. As he allowed Jones to score too much during their previous bout. But he knows he cannot be reckless against him. He knows he is a great fighter, but he also knows the path to victory. Cormier reckons that none of Jon’s punches, kicks or knees can get him out of there. He has already tasted them and it’s not enough. He loves to fight and his Champion heart and spirit will carry him through on Saturday night.

Daniel feels that when he initially got the belt. The majority of fans still believed Jon jones was the true Champion. However, after defending the belt now on four occasions. He feels that the perception has changed. That now he is a worthy Champion. But as a competitor, he still feels he has to beat Jon. And not for anything else!

And although he was initially shocked by the fans booing him during the UFC Summer kick-off. He has now gotten over it and all that matter is what happens inside the octagon July 29th.

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