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Daniel Cormier: UFC 187 On the Brink – Part 2

Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson UFC 187

Light heavyweight Daniel Cormier allows an all-access account of his second UFC title shot in 4 months. As he welcomes the cameras inside his UFC 187 fight week. Experience all the action from Cormier’s perspective of his showdown with Anthony Johnson. From the build-up to the light heavyweight championship, and its aftermath.

We get to hear from DC as he imagines how he believes the fight will play out. As he once again faces the hard-hitting AJ for the now vacant UFC light heavyweight title. And from the weigh-ins into the actual fight itself. We are brought along throughout the storyline as we see how the eventual fight would unfold.

From the very first punch of the fight, we follow along as DC fight to secure the UFC title. Weathering the attacks by the aggressive Johnson. We see how Cormier wears down the bigger man with his relentless wrestling style. Nullifying Anthony’s punching power and slowly sapping any energy or will to fight.

Cormier Breaks Down The Fight

We listen as Daniel describes how he knows when a fighter has mentally checked out of a fight. And how on the night he could see this happening with Anthony. And while Johnson did put up a fight right up until the very end. It would inevitably be Cormier who would become the champion take the UFC strap.

We get a great insight into the former heavyweight’s preparation for his title shot against the destructive Johnson. And finally the personal post-fight thoughts from the newly crowned light heavyweight king.

All in all some excellent insight into the pre and post-fight goings-on. As a new UFC light heavyweight champion who’s name was not Jon Jones is crowned. How long can he hold on to and defend this title we do not yet know. With former champion still out of the picture, for now, at least DC is the man.

But will he beat the man if he should return? It’s a thought on many peoples minds and words on many peoples lips. Daniel Cormier is the new UFC champion of the world. And with his nemesis currently out of the picture, he will probably remain that way for some tie t come.

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