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Daniel Cormier talks about Jon Jones’ recent failed drug test

Daniel Cormier Discussing Jon Jones failed Drugs test

Light heavyweight challenger and future Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier. Joins the cast and crew of UFC Tonight to discuss the most recent episode in the Jon Jones failed drug test saga. Cormier breaks down where is emotionally after hearing the news that Jones had once again failed.

Cormier who is seeking to become the light heavyweight champion appeared shell shocked following the news. And was seen at one point being consoled by the UFC President Dana White. It’s just the latest in a litany of cases involving Jones. Which has seen a fall from grace for the once squeaky clean phenom?

Although previously we did have rumblings and options relating to Jones. Floating around the back halls and forums of the internet. Nothing, outside of a hit and run had been proven. Bones now faces an uncertain future in the sport where he made his name. And it is anyone’s guess as to whether we will finally see two of the very best meet inside the octagon.

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