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Daniel Cormier And Great Expectations

Another exquisite breakdown by Mixed Molly Whoppery. Who tells the Daniel Cormier story through the other fighters with whom he has competed against the lead up to UFC 214.

The now-retired Anthony Rumble Johnson faced Cormier at UFC 210. In a rematch of the first fight, which saw Johnson losing via a rear-naked choke in the third round. This time around, however, Rumble promised to bring a whole new dimension to their fight. And take home the light heavyweight title in the process.

But this time around Johnson managed to once again lose to Cormier, but even more quickly than in their first fight. Giving up his back in the second round and once again getting tapped out by the Olympic wrestler. It wasn’t to be and with the loss, Rumble bowed out of the sport with a performance of the night post-fight interview.

Roll forward 4 months and Cormier is once again set to take on the only guy to beat him inside the cage, Jon Jones. Forget the belt, this was going to be a career-defining fight for DC. With Cormier trying to legitimise his championship and Jones trying to get his life back on track. Would this fight live up to the hype?

The Fight Itself

As Cormier was taking the fight to Jones. Things took a decisive turn, as what Cormier had discussed in a 2014 press conference. In which DC discussed not losing via a left head kick, as Jones had stated. roll forward to their 2017 title fight and that is exactly how things went down. Looks like Cormier crystal ball was malfunctioning in a major way.

The post-fight interview in which Joe Rogan spoke to a distraught Cormier became an internet meme goldmine.  As he was shredded by the heartless fans around the world. Dc couldn’t contain his emotions and sobbed uncontrollably. Someone who had dedicated so much of his life to this one moment couldn’t keep it inside. And for that, he paid the price.

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