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Daniel Cormier | The Father Who Conquered The World For His Daughter

Daniel Cormier Who Fights For His Daughter

The story of a man who conquered the world using the memory of his daughter. UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier. Cormier was not given that second chance with this child, his daughter Kayden passed away in a car accident June 14th 2003. He was crushed unable to imagine how he would continue moving forward beneath that weight of unimaginable sorrow.

He thought to himself, Kayden, maybe she is gone, but he can still honour her in everything he does going forward. The moment Daniel Cormier decided to live for something bigger than himself. The memory of his beloved daughter, he made six straight US teams and two straight Olympic teams.

He became a team captain reached the top five in the world wrestling championships. Became an Olympic medalist who’s one of the few select to win a gold medal at the golden grand Prix Ivan Jurgen. Which is considered by many to be the toughest wrestling competition in the world? That is incredible.

But to continue starting MMA in his thirties, almost systematically wreaking havoc with a dad bod. He still carried the beautiful memory of his beloved child into the arena. There wasn’t anything that could stop him. Absolute domination was the only outcome until he met Jon Jones.

Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones

In presence of his superstar, the world had turned on him and in its wake, he was for the first time defeated. Jon went on to test positive and was temporarily banned. Daniel Cormier continued to wreak absolute havoc even in the face of opponents many deemed invincible. It almost seemed too easy for this monster.

And then something interesting happened when presented with the possibility of facing Jon again. He embraced the role world had given him. They hated him, even when he did nothing wrong, he was a role model who actually did everything right.

For the first time before a crowd echoing boos throughout the arena. Daniel had taken up the role and involuntarily became the villain holding his well-earned belt. Thrashing a twitching Jon Jones he sat on the sidelines it appeared no matter how much the world came down to crush him.

What he held in his heart was all that mattered, his friends, his team, his family. In the memory of his beloved Kayden. Through them he was invincible to the pressure they applied and when the time came.

Daniel’s so calm and confident before the only man who ever beat him. But once again as fate would have it, he had lost. The agony you see on his face, it wasn’t just his desire to beat the only man who ever beat him. It was the face of a man who failed. All those who stood behind him even when the rest of the world had turned. It was the agony of failing the memory.

He stepped into the arena to represent Daniel. Calling out Jon for being on a substance and he truly believed that he has cheated and tried to get an advantage over him using an illegal supplement.

Callin Out Jon Jones The Cheat


“the other day Jonny’s bones cried at the press conference. Because I had accused him of using steroids. jail believed the same and considering the nature of Ternopil.”

Daniel achieved he became one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever walked the earth. Thus giving us insight into our own lives. Men who wished to achieve astronomical heights must have a sense of purpose in this confusing world.

Pushing us from place to place with little justification as to why purpose is much harder to achieve. Then one would think. Men especially on a biological level, need a justification a why a reason bigger than themselves to operate at full capacity.

They need to feel like they can give their lives for something bigger than themselves. I mean that is achieved an average man is given laser focus his limits are released. And he becomes phenomenal this is what I see when I see Daniel Cormier. By experiencing one of the darkest depths, a human being can experience reaching into it grasping onto what’s far. And placing it upon his heart as he continues to walk this plane in memory of his beloved Kayden.

I’ve no doubt he will be immortalized as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. To that end, I encourage you all to find what lights your heart on fire maybe similarly is Daniel.

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