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Dana White’s Video Blog | MAY/MAC WORLD TOUR | Ep. 6

Dana White’s May/May Video Blog 6

Wondering what in tarnation took so long? But here it finally is, the latest vlog follows UFC President Dana White and lightweight champion Conor McGregor to London. Where both fighters arrive in the city of London. For the 4th and final stage of the World Press Tour.

After what could be described as a chaotic show in NYC. McGregor returns to form in front of an adoring crowd made up of a lot of his own countrymen. And ends the spectacular trip with one final staredown. Before the two men climb on to the scales August 25th.

With some up close and personal unheard audio. We get a better feel for what both guys were saying to each other that the main tv couldn’t pick up. Definitely, no love lost and that’s something we have seen in the other behind the scenes footage.

We get to see what happened post presser, as Dana White and Conor meet backstage and discuss the night. And yet another birthday cake arrives for the birthday boy who turns 29 that very same day. What a way to celebrate your birthday.

Conor talks about the form Voltron incident as well as him slapping Floyd on the head in London. And the fact that Floyd said he would face him in an MMA bout. “Sign him up,” says McGregor. Who fully intends to stop Mayweather when they meet inside the boxing ring.

And that now it’s all over and done with. It’s time to get down to the real business.

Dana White’s Video Blog from the Mayweather vs. McGregor World Tour is a behind-the-scenes look at the unprecedented press conferences being held around the globe in anticipation of the blockbuster Mayweather vs. McGregor event, taking place August 26th on SHOWTIME PPV.SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest UFC content:


Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is a 12-round super welterweight matchup that pits the legendary boxer Mayweather against the all-time MMA great McGregor in an unprecedented event that takes place Saturday, August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The event telecast is produced and distributed by SHOWTIME PPV.

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