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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

The Evolution of Dana White (2001-2017)

Dana White from 2001 to 2017

We follow the evolution of the UFC President Dana White and his journey into the world of mixed martial arts promotion. When he along with his childhood friends the Fertitta brothers, with their company Zuffa. Bought the flagging Ultimate Fighting Championships for $2 million in January 2001.

Some 16 years later the UFC was sold to WME/IMG for a massive $4+ billion. Breaking the record for the most valuable company buyout in sports history. Currently White continues on as the President for a further five years. Before finally sailing off into the sunset, someĀ $360+ million richer than the first time he stepped onto our screens.

What can we learn from looking at the Dana White of the past versus the man we now see before us. How did he evolved and change and does he care anymore about the UFC? It’s a fascinating look at the evolution of the man who helped to catapult the sport of mixed martial arts. From a cable TV freakshow, into one of the most popular sports on the planet today.

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