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Dana White: The Only Way Mayweather Fights McGregor is Through Me

UFC president Dana White joins On Mayweather vs McGregor

To discuss what’s delaying the Conor McGregor-Nate Diaz rematch, the chances of Conor fighting Floyd Mayweather when Ronda Rousey might return and more. As the White runs down all the current big issues on the minds of the UFC brass at this very moment.

With so many moving parts and potential huge fights to make, this is not a bad situation for the UFc to be in right now. But none the less there are so many big decisions to be made and fights to discuss, including the upcoming main event of Daniel Cormier vs Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson.

But for Dana the main topic on everyone’s mind at the current moment in the hug potential super fight involving Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. It’s a fight that both men want and a fight that the fans are clambering to see. But for Dana White, as far as he is concerned, McGregor is his fighter and everything has to go through him before being signed off.

Dana White Can Make Or Break This Fight

He is in the position to make or break the fight, but Dana is as much a fan of the potential megafight as the next man. And professes that he wants to see the fight himself and that Conor deserves to get a huge fight like this, describing him as a unicorn. Saying that there may never be another fighter of the same ilk as the Irishman.

Whether or not this fight finally makes it to our screens will be decided in the coming days and weeks. As negotiations between the UFC and Mayweather promotions move things one step closer to completion. Will, we finally get to see this mammoth fight card come to fruition as MMA meets boxing inside the squared circle. For one of the biggest paydays in combat sports history!

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