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Dana White on Sky Sports and the Biggest Fight of All Time!

Dana White Talks McGregor vs Mayweather on Sky News UK

UFC President Dana White joined Sky Sports UK to talk about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor super fight. White reckons this will be the biggest fight of all time. Not just in boxing, but in combat sports history! Bigger than David versus, Goliath? Oh hell yes! As any good promoter does, he is, of course, talking about bums on seats. And cash in pockets!

Reported “And how much money will the fight bring in Dana” Dana replies (wide grin) he fights going to bring in a lot of money. And ah, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are going to become two of the highest-paid athletes ever. Definitely, the highest-paid fighters ever.”

Dana’s southpaw and size is his go-to argument. as to whether it holds water in terms of professional boxing. Well, that is for the boxing aficionados to dissect.

On the flip side, what are the likelihoods of Mayweather being able to stop McGregor? He will be the bigger fighter. He is known for his durability and against a 40-year-old Mayweather. Who is known for breaking his hands during his fights. How will they hold up against McGregor’s melon?

With so many variables, at least from the casual fan’s perspective. This is what does make this spectacle intriguing in so many ways. Of course, the experts will have their own take. But with elite strikers like Gokhan Saki or professional boxer Jason Quigley, said he believes McGregor can pull it off. Anything is possible, right?

Not if you are boxing trainer like world-renowned boxing trainers like Freddie Roach or Teddy Atlas. Who says the fight is a real mismatch (putting it kindly). Whatever the outcome, the actual event will be one of the historic proportions. With untold money flowing in. with masses of fans from both side of the combat sports world tuning in to see their guy do his thing.

we also get to hear from McGregor’s first boxing coach, who says the “Conor is a puncher, anything can happen in a boxing ring!” Adding that “it’s fantastic for a local boy who was on the dole (social welfare) before he started. Getting people to go watch him fight. It’s fantastic, it’s a fantastic story.”

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