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Dana White Respects Amanda Nunes’ Retirement Decision and Praises Her Legacy

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After Amanda Nunes announced her retirement following her dominant win over Irene Aldana at UFC 289, UFC President Dana White expressed his feelings of sadness but also understood and respected Nunes’ decision. White likened it to when his friend Lorenzo Fertitta retired and sold the UFC, as he wanted to support their choices.

While White admitted that he would have liked to see Nunes continue fighting and praised her as one of the greatest female fighters of all time, he ultimately wants her to be happy with her decision to focus on her family. He commended Nunes for her incredible work ethic, kindness, and achievements in the sport.

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Nunes had previously considered retirement after losing her UFC bantamweight title to Julianna Peña in 2021 but decided to return to reclaim her belt. After her victory over Aldana, Nunes felt it was the right time to retire, especially considering her financial success and the changes in her life over the past decade.

White acknowledged that he had a sense that Nunes might retire and mentioned that she has made a significant amount of money during her career. He believes that the challenges and sacrifices leading up to her final fight played a role in her decision.

Regarding Nunes’ final performance, White had nothing but praise. Nunes won every round against Aldana and broke records for the most punches landed and takedowns in a fight. Although a finish would have been ideal, Nunes showcased her skills and dominance in her farewell fight.

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