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Dana White “I Don’t think Nick Diaz Will Ever Fight Again”

UFC President Dana White on Nick Diaz

The UFC President Dana White being interviewed was asked when he thinks UFC welterweight Nick Diaz would fight again. White replied that in his honest opinion, he’s not sure if we will ever see Nick Diaz inside the UFC octagon again. While his younger brother Nate is still in the mix and waiting on the sidelines for something to pop up!

In White’s mind. His older brother Nick simply may not have the will to compete in MMA. Citing it as being a young man’s sport, with its athletes having to love the daily grind, just to get into the UFC. But to maintain their position in the sport or even break the top 10 or 5 to become a World champion! White believes Diaz may no longer have the fire in him to continue.

For now, the ball is in Nick’s court. But there’s no doubting it would take a pretty big fight and even bigger payday to coax him out of his extended hibernation. What or who can do it, is for Nick himself to decide.

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