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UFC President Dana White on Mayweather – McGregor Fight

Dana White Talks Mayweather vs McGregor and Ali

The UFC President Dana talks joined the Jimmy Kimmel Show to talk about the upcoming biggest fight in combat sports history, between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. He gives his thoughts on why he believes Conor has a chance at beating the 49 – 0 boxing great. He breaks down the fight and what both men bring to the table. The issues Floyd has had in the past with southpaws.

“If he catches Floyd he will hurt him and if he hurts him, he will finish him.”

Jimmy Kimmel draws an analogy between a cricket team trying to win the baseball World Series. To which White replies that this isn’t your typical boxing match. Traditionally, boxers know what to expect from an opponent. But Conor McGregor will be completely unorthodox.

And if we were to reverse it and stick Floyd inside the Octagon. How long would it last? To which Dana White replies about thirty seconds! It would be over real quick. But doesn’t he think this is the same thing asks Kimmel?

Throwing punches is something we do in MMA and Conor can throw. Dana adds that he hasn’t seen confidence in a guy like this since Ali. And Conor McGregor wants this fight, he’s Dana’s guy, so Dana has to back him all the way.

Jimmy offers up the idea that the fight should have been the first 6 rounds boxing. Then the second 6 rounds MMA. But that is something Floyd would never do said, White. Harking back to the World Tour. He recounts Mayweather saying how he would do the fight in an octagon. But in reality, he really never would!

The guys look at some footage of Conor insulting Floyd in Toronto. To which Dana explains that it’s as much a part of the fight game as the fight itself. It’s not just two guys insulting each other. And that mental warfare is part and parcel of the fight game. And although he hates to do it, White compares McGregor to Ali in terms of mental warfare. Floyd is good too in his own right, but Conor is one of the very best ever.

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