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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

GGN News Snoop Dogg with Dana White | FULL EPISODE

Dana White Joins Snoop Dogg

The UFC President Dana white joined the host of GGN news Snoop Dogg to talk all things mixed martial arts. White goes into detail about the original purchase of the Ultimate Fighting¬†Championships. And MMA’s transformation from a freak show that only a certain amount of fans wantd to see, to a mainstream into a sport.

The sports forefathers and its current state of affairs and much much more. Inlcuding the early days, starting out with the Gracie family dominating many bigger opponents. To how Dana White decided to hire Joe Rogan as the main color commentator. All done in interviewing style only Snoop could pull off, great fun.

T: twitter.com/MMAmicks

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