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Dana White: The Old GSP May Not Show Up at #UFC217

Dana White Says Dominant Georges St Pierre May Not Return at MSG

The UFC President Dana White recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal. In relation to the return of the former UFC welterweight champion Georges St Pierre. GSP who makes his long protracted return at UFC 217 to face the current middleweight champion Michael Bisping for his title.

Dana White On Georges St Pierre.Now out of competition for four years. It’s really an unknown as to how St Pierre will look and perform inside the cage. And moving up a weight class to take on the current reigning champion in a higher weight division. throws yet another intangible into the mix for the November 4th bout.

When asked about whether fans would get to see the same GSP which dominated the 170lb division for longer than any other fighter. White had this to say,

“I’m a big believer in ring rust. I was just proven wrong recently when ‘The Korean Zombie’ (Chang Sung Jung) had to go do mandatory (military service). They have to do mandatory military service in Korea. So they took him in, snatched him in his prime of his career.

“He had to do the service, came back and knocked out Denis Bermudez in the first round. Which is incredibly impressive. No ring rust on him. So we’ll see what happens with GSP.”

White also discussed the recent tragic events in Las Vegas in which over 50 people died, while some 500 were shot. He discusses the strength and cohesiveness of the Vegas community. Which is more than just a series of casinos and hotels. And what it has been like coming to terms with the fatal incident which rocked the city.

UFC 217 takes place November 4th as Michael Bisping defends his title in the main event against Georges St Pierre.

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