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Dana White first UFC interview

UFC President Dana White’s First Interview

Here is some archive footage of Dana White in his first interview as President of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. A glimpse into the UFC before it became the huge behemoth that it is today. Who would have known that back then, the pariah that was “cage fighting”. would turn into one of the most exciting and followed sports in the world!

Pre the purchase of any major competing organisations such as PRIDE, Strikeforce and WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting). Interesting to hear Dana talk about how they hope to make the UFC the Superbowl of mixed martial arts. How they hoped to develop the format into what we actually now see.

Today the UFC is by far and away from the largest mixed martial arts promotion on the planet. With some former fighters now stepping up and bearing their frustrations about working with the UFC in the public domain. With the main disputes centring around pay issues as main event fighters get just a fraction of the boxing counterparts.

We thought it was interesting to see how the head of the organisation compared in demeanour from then as opposed to now. One thing is for sure, based on physique alone, we know which Dana White would win in a fight. Let’s listen to the man himself as we turn the clock back to when it all began for White and the Fertitta brothers.

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