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Dana White Explains Why Conor McGregor Could Beat Floyd Mayweather | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Dana White on Why Conor McGregor Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

The UFC President Dana White joined the Speak for Yourself show with Jason Whitlock, Chris Broussard and Eric Davis. To discuss the upcoming megafight that is his UFC fighter, Conor McGregor. Taking on the boxing great Floyd Mayweather, on August 26th. White says that he has always respected Floyd. Although they have had their public spats, Dana has time for Floyd and the Mayweather team. Saying it’s a pleasure dealing with them as they are very smart guys.

He talks about how in his eyes, Conor McGregor is a madman. And how he has been saying how he will stop Floyd. White references the recent Manny Pacquiao fight. In which the Pacman was beaten, on points, by a school teacher.

Dana goes on to talk about how he stopped doubting Conor a long time ago. He harks back to when he first met Conor. Telling his partner Lorenzo Fertitta that if McGregor could even throw a punch. He was going to be a huge superstar. Now that we know what McGregor can do, he has become that very Superstar.

“I’ll Finish Floyd Inside Four Rounds”

Dana also talks about how on the Jose Aldo World tour. Conor was telling him exactly how he was going to finish the long-reigning p4p featherweight champion. Since that moment, White has never looked back. Just the other day when White met McGregor on the tarmac when their planes landed. The first thing Conor said to him is that he will finish the boxing great Mayweather inside 4 rounds.

The Biggest Fight For Dana White

White also answers the question about whether he ever envisaged. That the biggest fight he would be associated with would not, in fact, be an MMA bout, but a boxing match. To which Dana replies, of course not. He goes on to hit out at other promoters (Del La Hoya and Co) who have been very negative about the fight. He believes that this will be great for combat sports.

When asked if there’s a racial dynamic to the fight. Dana White says that its’ the Irish thing. He references the time Jerry Cooney fought Larry Holmes. Jerry Cooney was the great white hype. But White believes it was the Irish thing. “The Irish thing is so big!” And that is what is selling this fight. It’s going to be huge.

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