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Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping UFC 100 Full Fight

Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping UFC 100

In what many consider to be the knockout of the year back in 2009, Dan Henderson defeated Michael Bisping at historic UFC 100, In a KO that will forever haunt the British fighter. And which led to any amount of MMA memes. Hendo landed his trademark H-Bomb on The Count and definitively shut the lights out in a vicious finish.

Now the UFC middleweight champion, Bisping goes for revenge live on Pay-Per-View on October 8. Will he be able to get the W back from the man who gave him the single biggest loss in his career? And this fight was a throwback to the old US vs UK theme. However, in this case, the US once again came out on top as Dan Henderson was able to do what he has done to so many before. Landing his huge right hand over the top on the jaw of Bisping.

The Dan Henderson Gameplan

While at this point The Count was a very established fighter in the sport. He was not quite yet at the levels of notoriety he today finds himself. In this fight against Dan Henderson, Bisping did enter as the underdog. Fighting one of the biggest punchers in the sport. Any plan of avoiding his big right hand seemed to be lost somewhere in the pre-fight plan.

And while Michael Bisping would have been expected to circle to his right. Minimising the power behind Henderson’s overhand right, he instead chose to circle o his left. This opened him up to the right hand of Hendo which was waiting for the right moment to strike.

Then at three minutes twenty of the second round, he did exactly just that. As Henderson’s right hand landed, sending Bisping to the canvas. He then followed up with a slamming hammer fists to the face to seal the deal. Ensuring sure the Brit did not get back off the canvas, which of course had a very slim chance of ever happening! A devastating stoppage and highlight-reel finish from the man nicknamed H-bomb!

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