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Dan Hardy | Training For a UFC Comeback

Dan Hardy Staying Fit and Training For a UFC Comeback

Former UFC welterweight contender Dan Hardy is busy as always putting in the hard work. Hardy who has been away from the cage since 2012 following doctors recommendation, but could we see him make a UFC comeback soon? Well, Hardy has mentioned on several occasions that he would like to make a return to active competition. And has been waiting patiently for doctors to once again give him the go-ahead.

Always staying in shape it surely wouldn’t take long from announcement to actual booking. Let’s hope the British standout gets his wish in the year to come. As when he was active and fighting, Hardy was amongst one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC. And on top of all that he has been to the pinnacle of the mountain taking on Georges St Pierre for the welterweight title.

Will We See Dan Hardy Back Inside The UFc Octagon?

And while He may have lost in his quest for UFC gold, Dan Hardy put in a stellar performance against one of the very best fighters on the planet. So we would be very eager to see just exactly how well he will do now that he has been away for the sport for some time. Having been forced into early retirement by having a condition known as worlds heart. In which there are actually two separate heartbeats, the second one being minuscule.

So we do hope that his training is going as planned and that he can once again get the opportunity to step back into the UFC octagon. With the desire to fight still being there, he would be an outstanding addition to the ranks of the promotion. And could no doubt take on some of the division’s very best. So let us keep our finger crossed for the expected return of The Outlaw Dan Hardy sometime in the not too distant future.

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