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Dan Hardy Breaks Down Mayweather vs McGregor “McGregor has Nothing to Lose”

Dan Hardy Analyses Mayweather vs McGregor

Former fighter turned commentator Dan Hardy gives us his breakdown of Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. Dan will be ringside on Saturday night working with Sky Sports in the UK. And giving the boxing fraternity his insight from an MMA perspective.

Dan says that McGregor is a world-class striker in terms of Mixed Martial arts. But when it comes to a refined sport such as boxing. We have not seen him boxing so we really have no idea how he is going to perform. Now he is stepping in against arguably the best in the world. There is everything to gain for McGregor and nothing to lose. Whereas for Floyd, there is everything to lose.

Hardy gives Conor a slim chance. But adds that if you asked him if a young kid from Dublin could turn into a 100 million fighter in 4 years. He would give you even slimmer odds. With Conor’s power and athleticism if he lands a punch. It’s going to be very hard to tie him up. Like Floyd did with previous fighters rocked him.

He Will Fight Conservatively

Being down to the fact that Mayweather has no video of Conor boxing. Dan feels that Floyd will fight conservatively in the beginning. Once he starts to work out his style, then he will begin to put the pressure on in later rounds. And that is where it gets interesting.

Dan talks about how even though McGregor’s opponents know he’s going to try land the left. He still manages to set it up and switch their lights off.

Hardy feels that Mayweather calling for 8oz gloves is, in fact, a double bluff. He wants Conor to start fast so that he can work out his movement. So Dan feels that it’s a very smart move by the Mayweather camp.

But there is a reason why people will be tuning in to this fight. There are so many variables and unanswered questions. We find out the answer to those on Saturday night.

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