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Cris Cyborg Looks Slow vs OLYMPIC BOXER, Lesson?

Cris Cyborg and Claressa Shields boxing

So footage has emerged of Cris Cyborg sparring the two-time Olympian and World WBS Champion Claressa Shields. Nothing new to see UFC fighters facing off against boxers in their never-ending search to improve their all-round game.

But right now, in the current atmosphere, we thought this particular session had some particular relevancy. As Shields, an Olympian and World Champion boxer, one of the very best women’s boxers in the world right now. Faced off against Cyborg, who has currently deemed the best women’s fighter in all mixed martial arts.

Marry that with Conor McGregor, one of the best p4p fighters and the biggest star in all MMA. Who is set to face Floyd Mayweather, many people’s top p4p boxer! Can we look at the example of Cyborg exchanging with Shields and try to imagine Conor in there against Floyd?

Notice Shields footwork and work rate, her placing of shots, accuracy and combinations. We all know what Cris Cyborg would do if they both threw down in MMA. But in terms of pure boxing, is there a lesson to be learned?

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