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Cris Cyborg: Rise of the Machine

Cris Cyborg Stalking Women’s MMA

Stalking the 145 lb women’s division for more than a decade. Cris Cyborg now reigns supreme as the greatest women’s featherweight on the planet. Outside of her first fight as a professional back in 2005, Justino has never tasted defeat. With a KO ratio of 89%, which is unheard of in women’s MMA, a stat any male fighter would be proud of!

Cris has punched and submitted her way to the top. Rarely if ever do we see a fighter being put before a division. But in Cyborg’s case, that is exactly what happened. Currently, Cris reigns supreme over a division which has no other athletes.

Let’s say that again. Cyborg is the champ of a division in which officially, there are no other 145lb fighters! In the rush to sign the most dominant female fighter on the planet. The UFC neglected to build a division in which she would compete.

And this is not the fault of Cris herself. It would appear from the outside that the UFC is simply dragging its heels on forming what will eventually become the conveyor belt for contenders. And even though there is no official top fifteen. There can be little doubting who is number one.

The Cris Cyborg Doping Controversy

Cris Cyborg Wins In Invicta Fighting Championships.Of course, we couldn’t, nor shouldn’t simply gloss over her doping infractions back in January 2012. When following her 16-second knockout of Hiroko Yamanaka,  Cyborg tested positive for metabolites of the anabolic steroid stanozolol.

At a time when women’s MMA was struggling to be relevant, long before the arrival of Ronda Rousey on the world stage. Cyborg’s suspension sent shockwaves through the sport.

And it’s something which has followed the Brazilian ever since. Often being used as a stick to beat her over the head with whenever she stuck her head above the parapet. And called out the former bantamweight IT girl Ronda Rousey .

Now she faces yet another natural bantamweight in the fighter who beat the fighter, Holly Holm. And we could make all manner of arguments and comparisons, in terms of records and skillsets. But I’m not going there! Just to say that this should be a great fight, but a monumental test for Holm to overcome.

Cris Cyborg is many people’s eyes is the undeniable queen at 145lbs, across all promotions. And at UFC 219, she will look to once again prove it.

There’s a storm coming December 30th…

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