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Cris Cyborg Crazy Extreme Muay Thai Pad Work Training Phuket Top Team

Cris Cyborg Training Muay Thai

The UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. Doing some extreme Muay Thai training at Phuket Top Team. With 2x Rajadamnern Stadium champion, Namphon PK Stereo holding the pads. This is Beast Mode training right here ladies and gentlemen. Cyborg chasing you down the road, what a scary thought. We also get a nice tour of the Phuket Top team gym, looks like a nice place to train.

And of course, this is a tongue in cheek bit of training, as the pair no doubt had some fun. It’s also very similar to something Buakaw did with his pad man. Kicking, punching and elbowing his way across the gym. for all the world looking like he is beating on his trainer. But in reality, is just having some light-hearted fun.

But this type of thing is no doubt something many fighters would like to do. As every day is a grind when you are a professional fighter. Going to the gym, following your training regime and of course dieting. These are all things 99% of the population will never have to do. And so we can understand just why Cris Cyborg and team lie to make their training different and fun.

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