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Craziest Slugfests in UFC History

The Craziest slugfests in UFC history

With so many crazy slugfests in UFC history. It was always going to be tough choosing the best of the bunch. If you ask any fan, each and everyone will have their own favourite moment from the sport. Going back twenty-plus years the Ultimate Fighting Championships has had any number of bar burner fights. Which at the time was said to be the greatest we had ever seen.

Roll forward to 2017 and it’s an almost impossible choice to make. Like being asked, what’s your favourite song or your favourite movie? Don’t ask me that question because there’s so many to choose from! But with this selection of some of the very best toe to toe throwdowns inside the octagon. Maybe we can at least get a better chance at making our picks.

Back and forth battles

With featherweight Dennis Bermudez taking on Matt Grice. In a back and forth slobber knocker, at one point it looked like Bermudez run might be coming to an end. What a fightback and what a fight by both competitors. Of course, no slugfest compilation would be complete without Wanderlei Silva vs Brian Stann. In one of the greatest wars ever seen inside the octagon. At the time it was a war to end all wars. Where eventually Silva KO’s Stann after a mammoth battle.

Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo, when Kongo was down and out by all account. He came back and stopped Barry in one of the most shocking comebacks in the sport’s history.

Then in a battle of the flyweights, John Lineker and Francisco Rivers swung for the rafters. As both guys tried to knock the head clean off the other. And who could forget Diego Sanchez taking on Gilbert Melendez in another classic. In which Sanchez almost had the former Strike force lightweight champion. But it wasn’t to be his night.

A great selection by all accounts and we look forward to the next wave of slugfests in the months and years ahead.

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