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Cowboy Cerrone Flying Plane Way Too Close to Ground

Donald Cerrone Flying an aeroplane way to close to the earth

Cowboy Cerrone is pretty well known for his wildman antics. A true outdoorsman who both lives and trains on his own ranch. Cerrone has always been known as a guy who likes to live on the edge. Whether it’s bull riding, rock climbing, water skiing or of course what he is most well known for.

That being jumping inside the cage to take on other men in the purest form of combat known. Cowboy is amongst the most active fighters in all mixed martial arts and probably the most active fighter in the Ultimate Fight Championships.

He most recently stepped inside the octagon to challenge Rafael Dos Anjos for the UFC lightweight championship. Following what can only be described as the long way round to the title. He was summarily dealt with by the champ in a fist round stoppage which all but put an end to his hopes of ever holding a title at lightweight.

Cowboy Cerrone Amongst The Best in The World

Not to worry as just shortly afterwards he signed to fight Tim Means at welterweight in his first jaunt into the higher weight division. Perhaps spurred on by his fellow fighters making the jump. He has now put himself amongst the very best in the world at 170lbs. All he needs to do now is stay alive just long enough so we can see how he does.

His boss Dana White¬†who has been quite vocal about the Cowboy Cerrone antics won’t be too amused when he sees a video of his fighter living so close to the edge. But it’s fair to say he must be used to it at this point. Perhaps now he just shrugs his shoulders and lets it slide.

There’s no one that’s going to tame the wildman anytime soon. Playing with fire is in his DNA, so he ain’t gonna be stopping anytime soon people.

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