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Countdown to UFC 185: Anthony Pettis vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Anthony Pettis vs. Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 185

It’s time for Countdown to UFC 185 and the defending lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis takes on Rafael dos Anjos. We go inside the camps of the two fighters as they put the final touches to their gruelling preparations. We get to hear from their fellow teammates and their coaches. As they talk about what the preparation has been like for the big fight. With both fighters going into the bout brimming with confidence. It looks like all the right ingredients are in place for a great contest.

Antony Pettis has become the poster boy for the UFC. As after winning the title, his good looks and persona endeared him to some of the big advertisers. Now he faces a rising talent in Dos Anjos who is looking to knock him off his perch. But we can see just how much the skills of Pettis have matured in the sport.

But Rafael Dos Anjos is hot on his heels with a knockout of the former champion Benson Henderson. So the US-based Brazilian fighter is also on a high coming into his title fight. Rafael also disposed of top lightweight Nate Diaz, making sure the boxing oriented fighter was unable to get off his shots.

Now Pettis and Dos Anjos will face off to prove who is the best in the world at 155 lbs. Can the Kings MMA fighter bring home the belt to Redondo beach? With his performances to date, he seems to be doing everything right. Now he feels he just has to go in against Pettis and put him under pressure. Pushing the pace and forcing the champion on to the back foot. We find out at UFC 185 which of these two elite fighters has what it takes. As Pettis and Dos Anjos clash for UFC gold.

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