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Countdown to UFC 183: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Countdown

It’s Countdown to UFC 183 as both Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz make their way back into the fight game after very long layoffs. Both the fighters have been away from the sport for completely different reasons. With one fighter being self-imposed, white the other was badly injured with a career-ending leg injury. Now they’re both back for one of the biggest fights in the history of MMA.

In Countdown to UFC 183 see how both camps went in their preparations for the upcoming fight. And the struggles both have had to endure. With Silva now competing with a full metal bar implanted through his shin bone. How will he perform under the big lights in his first fight back inside the UFC octagon? The question is still being asked as to whether he will be the same fighter who dominated for so many years?

His Opponent Nick Diaz

And his opponent Nick Diaz is yet another anomaly in the sport. He has gone from the bad boy of MMA to being one of the sports most iconic fighters. In a fight against a legend in Silva, can Nick Diaz make a splash and shake the cobwebs off after his long lay off away from fighting? With his last time inside the cage being two years ago when he faced the welterweight champion, Georges St Pierre. In yet another megafight that had hardcore fans calling for, for so many years.

Two back to back super fights for two of the sports biggest names is something which could make or break their careers. With Silva’s positive tests for performance-enhancing drugs and Nicks well-known love for using marijuana. We do hope both men stay clean and safe as we look forward to this exciting main event. Let’s hope the MMA Gods are watching over us as get set for the main event at UFC 183.

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