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Demetrious Johnson vs Chris Cariaso UFC 178 COUNTDOWN

Demetrious Johnson vs. Chris Cariaso: Countdown to UFC 178

At UFC 178 this weekend Demetrious Johnson faces off against flyweight challenger Chris Cariaso. With so many other big fights on the card, many seem to be overlooking the main event between these two flyweights. Countdown to UFC 178 takes you behind the scenes to show you what these guys have been up to in their preparation for the big night. As the super dominant flyweight champion seeks to once again defend his 115 lb title.

We follow the champion as he brings us through his training regime in the lead up to the main event. Alongside longtime trainer Matt Hume, DJ shows us some of what has made him the best fighter in the world. And outside of the repetitive training and constant breaking down of the body. Demetrious introduces us to his family and some of the reasons he is so focused on his upcoming opponent.

Johnson Is Fine-Tuning His Training

And while DJ is busy fine-tuning his gameplan. His opponent Cris Cariaso is getting the work in down at his own gym in Tucson Arizona. As he conditions his body for the five-round fight ahead against the undisputed flyweight champion. And the WEC veteran says that he is ready to take on the challenge and fight for the 115 lb title.

And Cris is pretty confident that he has what it takes to win the flyweight championship. Saying that he believes he is the better striker and has better grappling than the pound for pound Johnson. Meanwhile, Johnson is fine-tuning his fitness under the ever-watchful eye of his trainer. Who says that his training regime is meant to ensure DJ performs over the long haul. And maintain his position as the very best 115 lb fighter in the world.

Both me will put themselves to the test when they step into the UFC octagon at UFC 178. So let’s follow along as they prepare for a final showdown to find out who keeps the belt?

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