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CORMIER & MCGREGOR: What Truly Makes Men Dangerous ■ The Fear Antidote

What truly makes a man dangerous

Men reaching astronomical heights due to thoughts of a loved one. Or, loved ones, is not uncommon. Daniel Cormier achieved the highest of his goals, only following the death of his baby daughter. Conor McGregor envisioned his family struggling. He visualised him giving back to them and to his country of Ireland, once he was a UFC World Champion.

“Giving to people who have given to me. I always dreamed about showing up one day and be like, here! And that would always give me, like, good feelings… It’s a depressing time for a lot of people in Ireland. There’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the country, everybody’s struggling.

A lot of people are struggling. But since they’ve seen me chase this dream. It’s given them energy and I see a new lease of life in them. And that alone spurs me on even more. So it’s all just a perfect storm that is happening for me. And that is why I have this tunnel vision. And that is why I am willing to kill every single man in my path to get that belt.

“To secure the future, my families future, that’s what I’m doing it for..” – Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier.

The average man. Riddled with fear, anxiety, an inability to engage the world before him with the full force of his existence. Why? When you know why you become a dangerous force of nature.

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