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Conor McGregor vs Tony Ferguson, GSP and Retirement with Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier Radio Interview

The UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is not in camp. So he can afford to chill and drink a nice cold one. While also giving his thoughts on the Conor McGregor vs Tony Ferguson fight. Now DC originally said he believed it would be Conor vs Nate Diaz for the rubber match. But, with the noises being made by the UFC and Tony himself. It now looks like the Ferguson fight is on.

Cormier says that initially that although he thought it was the Diaz fight, he never said it would happen. He was simply voicing his opinion on the fights potential to take place. DC explains how the UFC doesn’t expect their fighters to go out and drum up interest in a fight. that is all down to the fighters themselves. If a fighter is going to sign a fight agreement. It’s up to them how they handle the pre-fight back and forth. Cormier also chats a little about his wrestling days, way back when he lost his tooth.

Bigfoot vs Rico and Retirement

DC also talks a bit about the Bigfoot vs Rico Verhoeven fight at Glory 46. Bigfoot now has been knocked out a number of times in his fights. And now these battles are probably only doing damage. he applauds him for getting in there with one of the very best kickboxers in the World. But at the same time, he needs to consider a change in career.

Answering the question of who he thinks left the sport at the right time. GSP for one left too early in his mind. But not many guys get to go out on top, as many will never become the champion. So for the most part fighters hang on too long hoping to get that title. Cormier talks about his own inner struggle after fighting and losing to Jon Jones. You have to be smart enough to know when the time is right. But, what if you don’t recognise it? These are all fighters have to ask themselves.

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