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Video: Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Boxing Compared

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Boxing Side By Side Comparison

We recently had the video footage released from both the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather camps. Showing both athletes doing their thing, as they prepare to face off on August 26th. We first got a look at “Money” Mayweather who was working the double end bag.

And in all honesty, he looks fantastic. Now, this is coming purely from a fan’s perspective. Now I’m sure you will find someone who is far better learned in the art of pugilism, who may have a differing opinion. But in terms of just pure speed and movement. Well, the years sure have been kind to the 49 – 0 boxing great.

Next up we see McGregor working out in his custom-built gym. As he prepares to jump from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, into the world of boxing. While both full-contact combat sports, but with a very different set of rules. Conor is seen throwing combinations on a heavy bag or what is often referred to as a body snatcher. Working those uppercuts and body shots.

The War Of Words

Some unsavoury comments have already been made in relation to McGregor’s boxing ability. With some interesting conspiracy theories floating around. That the footage we have seen may well have been staged to give Floyd a sense of overconfidence or cockiness as some¬†might say. Does Floyd Mayweather need that? Just look up cocky in Merriam-Webster!

There can be no denying that Floyd is amongst the great best boxers of all time. And up against a relative novice in a professional boxing match should be a quite literal piece of cake. But we do need to analyse both men here in this video and see how they look in reality. Is there really that much of a gulf? Or can McGregor shock the world as he has said he will? Let’s take a closer look and work it out for ourselves.

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