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Conor McGregor vs Max Holloway UFC BOSTON 2013

Conor Mcgregor vs Max Holloway Full Fight

Back in 2013, a new face on the mixed martial arts scene was making waves in the form of rising Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor. McGregor had only fought one time in the UFC, winning his debut against Marcus Brimage. And yet here at just his second fight against Max Holloway. The outspoken man from Dublin had the Boston crowd on its feet before even stepping into the UFC octagon.

Against Holloway, he faced another fighter who was making waves in the division. And with five fights under his belt with the UFC, it was expected to be a tough test. Which would give us a better understanding of where exactly McGregor was in the pecking order of the featherweight division.

McGregor vs Holloway Round One

Taking the centre of the octagon, McGregor started the round pushing forward on Max. Throwing several “wild” combinations from the beginning, Conor’s style and accuracy looked to have Holloway somewhat flustered. Max probed and tried to counter and had his moments.

Throwing a combination of unpredictable kicks, mixed with fluid boxing. McGregor was landing consistently, putting his opponent on the back foot, as he tried to deal with his unorthodox attacks. And with Conor McGregor’s array of strikers consistently landing. It seemed as though Holloway was simply unable to get off and get into his own rhythm.

Round two

Pawing and controlling his opponent, Conor was now amassing significant damage on Max. And as the round progressed, we can definitely now see some of the redness on the face of Holloway. McGregor’s left hand was landing consistently along with his lead uppercut. And it was this combination of punches which had Max struggling to come up with a solution to the problem in front of him.

Mcgregor’s piston-like left hand now had the face of Holloway bloodied. As the Hawaiian still struggled to find his timing and land any real shot to get McGregor’s respect. Then at three minutes into the round Holloway throws a kick which is caught, as Conor takes Max to the ground.

And trying to get the dominant position, McGregor ends up in his guard. Max looks to protect himself from strikes by holding on, however, Conor McGregor does manage to pop up and throw some shots, none of which land with any conviction. Then moving to side control, again Max stifles the attack as the buzzer goes for the end of the round.

Final Round

The round starts with a quick takedown, as McGregor takes side control. As the pair scramble on the ground, Conor McGregor almost gets full mount. However, a Wiley Holloway with his excellent ground game is able to escape as the pair get back to their feet.

But Conor once again drags Max back to the mat and this time manages to get the full-mount. But with not much happening in way of offence, McGregor is unable to land many shots. As Max struggles to escape Conor lands some solid blows before Holloway manages to escape and get back to his feet.

Max lands a solid head kick that sends Conor backwards to the ground. But he’s quickly back to his feet and looks unfazed. Taking Max down yet again, the pair continue to grapple before the final buzzer sounds. In a fight that the SBG man dominated from start to finish, showing what he is capable of inside the UFC octagon. Sending and warning to his fellow featherweights, but especially one Jose Aldo Junior.

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