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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr: Jeff Mayweather’s Thoughts

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr: What Does Jeff Mayweather Think?

Jeff Mayweather gives his thoughts on any potential fight between Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr and whether or not it could ever be arranged. Lets just say you might not expect what comes out of his mouth. When Jeff says he doesn’t know who the hell Conor McGregor is and that he himself is involved in Mixed martial arts! Who knows for sure if Jeff is telling the truth or simply discounting the Irishman and any potential fight. Saying Floyd ain’t going to be part of “No sideshow… No Circus.” Anyway it’s all hyperbole and headline grabbing, as this weekend McGregor meets Chad Mendes for the interim UFC featherweight title.

These types of matchup have been often talked about and with all due respect are sometimes freak show events. Not to take anything away from the athletes involved, but more than anything these are simply a money making venture, which the general public buy into. It does nothing for those involved as from an mma perspective at least. We know that Floyd would not last a minute inside the cage against pretty much any mma fighter.

And the same goes the other way. Put Floyd in the ring with most mma fighters and he will make them look silly. It’s the just the nature of these two different sports. Boxing is a strictly standup, hand to hand combat sport. Whereas Mixed martial arts fuses all aspects of the fight game into one. A boxer being taken down does not bode well and although he may not say it. Floyd would know this himself only too well.

We saw it already when Randy Couture took on James Toney. From the moment the contract was signed and air of inevitability filled the air. Lets not take away from either sport. They both stand on their own merits and don’t need to ever cross paths.

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