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Conor McGregor vs EDDIE ALVAREZ Full Fight

When the UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor stepped up to take on the reigning lightweight champ, Eddie Alvarez. Many thought it was a step too far. As the rising Irishman looked to become the first fighter in the promotion’s history to simultaneously hold two belts consecutively. Did he in fact have what it took or would Alvarez be his Waterloo?

In what was a tense leadup where things often became quite personal. Both men taunted one another through social media and the customer UFC 205 pre-fight press conferences. With McGregor entering the bout as the underdog, all too many pundits believed that Alvarez’s experience and toughness would be too much to handle.

With a place in history on the line, this was shaping up to be a memorable night of action.

McGregor vs Alvarez The Fight

As the fight got underway, both fighters came forward, with McGregor taking up his now more traditional karate stance. Alvarez was on his game and from the get-go looked to take out the lead leg using some chopping low kicks. But the bigger man Conor McGregor looked to maintain his composure, as he began to try landing some right-hand shots.

Alvarez was using a lot of feints, ducking and moving as he looked to time some of Conor’s strikes. He was also slapping down the left hand of McGregor as he looked to get inside and land some of his own. But with just over one minute in, McGregor clipped the champion right on the chin, sending him immediately to the ground.

As both men grappled for a position, it wasn’t long before Eddie had popped back up to his feet. Appearing shaken and still trying to clear his head, while McGregor looked to pour on more pressure. Keeping the champion on the back foot, Conor prodded and poked with his right hand. While all the while holding his left in reserve, looking for the opportunity to strike.

Then once again with three minutes remaining, the challengers left hand found a home. Once again sent Alvarez to the canvas, as he looked to regain control on a fight he was now losing. As Conor lands another straight left putting Eddie on his back and up against the cage.

And although the champion did have his moments, this first five minutes was McGregor’s by a mile. Leaving Eddie Lavarez now looking bruised and a bit dazed as the round came to an end.

Round Two UFC 205

With round two getting underway, things pretty much left off where they had ended. As both fighters circled the octagon, Conor once again landed a stinging left hand. So the lightweight champion begins to look for some more takedown attempts. Something which Team SBG had no doubt been preparing for and not bearing any fruit for the champion.

Then at one minute in, Conor McGregor began to goad the champion by putting his hands behind his back. Once again looking to play mind games and perhaps force a mistake from a reaching Eddie? And with the champion now becoming increasingly desperate it seemed like it was only a matter of time before something finally happened.

Then as Alvarez got McGregor up against the cage, he kept looking for a sweep, in order to take Conor out of his comfort zone. But this was not to be his night, as the Irishman managed to make some space and once again bring the fight back to the centre of the octagon.

With a no doubt deflated champion now almost out of ideas. With two minutes left on the clock, Alvarez once again pushed forward. And this time Conor was waiting with a sniper left-hand punch that clipped Eddie on the chin, sending him to the ground. And with a swift combination of punches, the referee had seen enough.

As the new UFC lightweight champion was crowned, history was made. In an unforgettable night of action at UFC 205, Madison Square Garden New York.


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