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Conor McGregor vs Diego Brandao full fight video

Conor McGregor Against Diego Brandao UFC Dublin

The first thing we have to remember about this fight is that this was just the third fight in the UFC for Conor McGregor. Yet he had already become one of the most loved active fighters on the UFC roster? Let that sit in for just a second and it’s quite hard to fathom. But little did we know that we were witnessing the birth on the world stage of one of the worlds most famous combat sports athletes.

McGregor had done an outstanding job the previous year when dispatching a fellow rising featherweight in Max Holloway. Now eleven months later he was headlining a UFC card in his home city at UFC Dublin. To an adoring crowd which would go on record as the loudest recorded for a crowd of 9,500, coming in at 111 decibels.

And as McGregor made his way to the octagon to face his opponent Diego Brandao. You could tell something very special was taking place on this night in the O2 Arena. To the soundtrack of Sinead O’Connor and Biggie Smalls. McGregor entered the arena to screams from those in attendance.

And on entering the cage, the crowd once again erupted in a show of admiration for one of their own. As Conor drank in the atmosphere, Brando bowed in what appeared to be a show of acknowledgement. That he was part of something much bigger on this night in Dublin Ireland.

Round One

As the fight gets underway, McGregor land a spinning kick to the ribs of Brandao. Diego replies with a head kick that is blocked as the pair waste no time in going toe to toe. As the fight now gets taken to the cage wall where they tie up and begin to work. Conor tries to land some shoulder shrugs, as Brandao reverses their positions.

Diego then manages to get McGregor to the ground, but the throw is quickly reversed, landing McGregor on top. And as Conor tries to work his top game, Diego almost lands an up-kick. But it’s McGregor who is controlling the action as the Brazilain tries to avoid the shots being rained down from above.

But Brandao was not done and tried an ankle lock which Conor sees and escapes. Then manages to regain top control and begin to land some hard shots. However, it’s not long before the two are back to their feet. As Conor land a solid body kick, followed up by a solid right hand and topped off with a spinning heel kick.

He then follows up against the cage with a left hand that sends Diego to the ground. Following up with some vicious ground and pound elbows and it’s all over. As the Dublin crowd goes absolutely wild! And the legend of UFC Dublin becomes official.

A fight night and a fight that will be remembered in the combat sports history books. With all the ingredients for an epic night of action, Conor McGregor sealed the deal as the fastest rising star in the sport. And if you were there, as I was, you ill remember it until the day you die.

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