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Conor McGregor vs Dennis Siver UFC Boston

Conor McGregor vs Dennis Siver full fight

Conor McGregor vs Dennis Siver takes place next weekend at UFC Fight Night Boston. We spoke with top mixed martial arts coach and fight breakdown specialist Brendan Dorman. To give us his take on the upcoming fight. Not satisfied with giving it to us in words. Brendan created a whole new video breakdown of the Conor McGregor matchup.

For fans of the Notorious One and Dennis Siver to mull over. So sit back relax and enjoy this top-notch, skills breakdown

The Notorious One entered the arena in Boston Massachusetts to the voice of Sinead O’Connor. With a Foggy Dew/Biggy Smalls soundtrack that has now gone on to be forever associated with the Irish fighter. And as Siver waited inside the octagon for his opponent to arrive. There was a certain air in inevitability about what was to happen next!

McGregor vs Siver Round One

As the round got underway, McGregor immediately took the centre of the octagon, Landing his straight left hand, along with his left kick. Conor was mixing up his shots as he back his German opponent up against the cage. Dennis did have some flashes and landed a low kick which sent McGregor to the canvas.

But as the round progressed, McGregor began to take more and more control of the fight. He continued to throw an array of shots including a spinning hook kick, missing with most. But as the round drew to a close, the face of Siver was now badly damaged.

Going into round two and Conor immediately took the centre of the octagon. Once again he continued to land significant punches and probing kicks to Siver’s body. And with a minute and a half gone, McGregor landed a stiff left hand which sent Siver to the canvas.

Coor followed up and managed to get the mount. And while Dennis tried to defend against the punches and elbows, he was on a hiding to nothing. As referee Herb Dean had seen enough and called a stop to the contest at 3:07 of the second round.

For even more content from Brendan, feel free to check him out on Twitter and YouTube. Where he regularly breaks down the big upcoming fights. As well as offering a range of techniques and training videos from his own back catalogue.

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