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Conor McGregor Unfiltered: Sports Illustrated

Conor McGregor Sports Illustrated unfiltered

We get to go inside the mind of Conor McGregor on his home turn in Dublin, Ireland. As Sports Illustrated get a one on one with the featherweight champion before UFC 196. With interviews from his coach John Kavanagh as well as UFC President Dana White. Containing some explicit language we get to hear about the man from the man himself before his massive fight against Nate Diaz.

Sports Illustrated went to Ireland to hear from those who know Conor McGregor the best. As they document his rise from plumber’s apprentice to Ultimate Fighting Championships megastar. We hear fro mthe man himself as he gets set to take on his biggest opponent to date, quite literally, in Nathan Diaz.

How will the move up to welterweight effect the lightweight champion, as he packs on that extra muscle and fat? Will, his cardio hold up against a fighter who is known for his cardio and never say die fighting spirit. Diaz is a big and as tough a fighter as Conor is veer likely to face in his career. So where will this contest place him and his legacy in the years to come?

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