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UFC 200: CONOR MCGREGOR; All Eyez on Me

Conor McGregor And the UFC 200 Saga

What a palaver! One minute it’s on, next it’s off. A much-anticipated rematch between two fighters who were originally thrown together at the last minute. In a division where one had never competed, while the other had only ever dipped his toe without gaining much traction. Welcome to the tent pole main event that was UFC 200.

Now that the dust has settled and we finally have our main card fighters. 100% in the bag, guaranteed, providing of course that there are no injuries. Daniel Cormier defends his belt against bitter rival and former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones. The question is! Are we satisfied?

With mixed emotions and opinions from everyone and their mother about how Conor McGregor handled the whole situation. The Irishman got the MMA world in a tizzy when he tweeted he was retiring from the sport young. A series of misleading and equalling confusing messages from the featherweight champion had us all guessing. What the hell was going on?

Saying he had removed him from the July 9th event. UFC president Dana White stepped into the breach, going on record that if Conor was to get in contact he would get him back on the card. However, the niceties soon melted away and we were left with perhaps the biggest card since UFC 100 without a main event? How could this happen and what in Sam Hell was going on?

As the story developed we learned that Conor wanted to stay in Iceland to focus on his training and not the dog and pony show that is fight promotion. But it was something the UFC president simply was going to budge on. And eventually proved a tipping point.

The Conor McGregor Promotion Machine

There’s no doubting McGregor has done more than his fair share for the promotion. Bagging the Fertitta’s and uncle Dana a fortune like no other fighter before.

For the promotion to put their foot down and say enough is enough, no doubt shunning many millions of uncle Sam’s greenbacks shows you how far their patience had been tested. Dana White has repeated now on many occasions that his relationship with Conor has not been tarnished. It’s all good and the SBG man will be fighting on UFC 201.. 202!

Look we know UFC 200 is an awesome card with the light heavyweight title on the line. The next two best featherweights on the planet in line for a title shot. Women’s bantamweight title fight, Hapa vs former heavyweight champion. The former UFC welterweight and Strikeforce middleweight champ plus a cast of stars from past and present all on one card, for one night only. With yet more to be added? But no Conor McGregor!

The UFC’s line in the sand won’t have any long term effect on the brand. It will, however, affect the coffers and in a big way. But is it a sacrifice they are willing to make to reassert their position. Make a definitive statement the “We are in charge here”, not you. Do it once to the biggest star in the sport and no one will ever step over that line again, they hope.

Will White and co ask McGregor to stay away on July 9th? To ensure he doesn’t upset the apple cart for DC and Jones. Drawing down on that delectable limelight which is meant for their bicentennial event and the two very best light heavyweight fighters on the planet.

All Eyez On Me …

The world with one eye will be watching as two titles are on the line in Las Vegas. The other firmly fixed to social media for any nuggets from The Notorious One. Whether he’s in the building on fight night or back in his hometown. There’s no doubting he will have some gems to drop on his baying masses of followers.

He is after all the biggest star in the sport right now. The biggest sport has ever seen? Only time will tell. But come July 9th 2016. When some of the greatest fighters on the planet are battling it out inside the octagon. Many fans and pundits gaze maybe draw elsewhere. Or am I wrong? Set your watches and your gaze.

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