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Conor McGregor and Tyron Woodley Come Face to Face After Weigh Ins

Conor McGregor vs Tyron Woodley Backstage Run in UFC

Featherweight champ Conor McGregor and welterweight champ Tyron Woodley come Face to Face after Weigh-Ins. Following their feisty words on social media. No love lost between these two we think as they both get set to fight. This is what happens when you say something on social media then run into the person on the street. Keyboard world meets real-world, UFC style.

McGregor was busy rehydrating and getting dressed after his weigh-in. Tyron Woodley was also in the building as he prepared for his fight. The pair briefly ran into one another in the backstage area where Conor was with coach John Kavanagh.

Following their exchanges on social media, we could tell there was some tension in the air when the two came face to face. And while McGregor seemed agitated by the presence of Woodley. Tyron appeared on the surface to brush off the interaction. Focusing on his own business and allowing Conor to focus on his own.

Social Media vs The Real World

Social media is a very different world to that of the real world. And while we didn’t expect very much to happen, it still goes to show that what people say online and in reality can be very different. Both fighters are professionals and both have other things to focus on, especially while cutting weight and preparing to fight.

But how would a matchup between these two actually look? Woodley is obviously the bigger man, cutting down to get to welterweight. While the featherweight champion just about reaches the limit when he is fully muscled and even some additional body fat. While Conor may be able to handle someone like a Nate Diaz who floats between lightweight and welterweight. It might be a very different story when it comes to The Chosen One.

And while we won’t be seeing a welterweight challenge from Conor anytime soon. Who knows, down the line what he may do? As we are sure being a three-weight world champion is something the Irishman has thought about on many an occasion!

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