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CONOR McGREGOR TRAINING – Ido Portal on Horrible Las Vegas Bike Ride with The Notorious

Conor McGregor Desert Training

That guy you see or have seen in many of the vlogs lead up to Conor McGregor fight, Ido Portal, the movement guy. Well, he is back once again for the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor super fight. His services have once again been drawn into yet another McGregor fight camp.

Portal talks about an incident that last time he was in Las Vegas. When it was time for Conor to do his cardio training. Which basically entailed a 25-kilometre cycle across the Nevada desert, in the middle of Summer, in over 100-degree heat.

So when the word went out in the camp that someone was needed to partner Conor. All of a sudden everyone seemed to disappear! So it became down to Ido to fill the spot.

The cycle itself has a slight uphill all the way and was led by two Olympic cyclists. As well as Conor in great shape. It was basically a terrible experience that Portal doesn’t wish to repeat.

The Mayweather vs McGregor Camp

But Ido Portal does head off to the camp once again in the coming days, to help prepare Conor McGregor for his next bout. Always with play, he mixes the seriousness of preparation with games.

It’s his style and something he brings to each project to which he is involved. Never a shitty playful approach, but always a super serious playful approach.

Portal believes that you need play in order to learn. Saying that if you don’t play, it’s very hard for you to evolve ideas. Play being a way o test the grounds and understand what do I need, who am I?

And he believes that athletes who do not incorporate play into their own regimes will never be high performance. If an athlete doesn’t like his playful style of approach, then he simply moves on to someone else.

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