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Conor McGregor on Venice Beach California

A day off so a day out as Conor McGregor hits Venice Beach. He takes to some Segways to have some downtime fun time with his girlfriend and enjoy the Mac Life he has built for himself. The UFC featherweight champion goes out and about down by the beach to chill out. And get away from his training, at least for a short time.

We get to see how the UFC champion chills out before his upcoming megafight against Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas. Constantly mobbed by fans as he makes his way down the boardwalk. Conor McGregor looks for all the world like he was made to be this famous. And with nothing but love from the people he meets, he knows he has the support going into this next big fight.

And it must be somewhat of a relief to be able to step away from the gym, at least for a short time. He signs some autographs with some fans before heading off to do some shopping. Buying himself a new hat for his wardrobe. Then it’s off back down the boardwalk for some sun and light refreshments.

Mayweather vs McGregor Boxing Fight

Definitely a world away from the intense training required to face one of boxings greats fighters. But Conor looks like someone who is extremely relaxed and just enjoying life. And with the Mayweather on the horizon, things are sure to pick up as the fight gets closer. It’s then that the switch will have to be turned on, as the biggest money fight, perhaps in history finally takes place.

Will it be the UFC champion or the boxing icon that walks away from the victor. When the pair finally step into the ring on August 26, 2017, at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV for Mayweather vs McGregor. The clock is ticking and we are all waiting anxiously to find out the answer.

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