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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Conor McGregor Talks Custom Suits, Shoes & Jose Aldo

Conor McGregor Speak with Fans Live

Top contender Conor McGregor just spoke with fans live via the Twitter app Periscope. He talks about his latest custom made suit (still ain’t cheap). As well as his Louis Vuitton shoes made from Caiman leather. His upcoming fight on July 11th against Jose Aldo Junior for the UFC featherweight title. As well as a whole other range of questions and to be fair insults from fans.

McGregor is on point and gives as good as he gets in a series of interviews. We also get some behind the scenes footage of some unseen interactions between him and his fellow teammates and what he gets up to in his home city of Dublin Ireland.

Now with a challenge to the dominant featherweight champion on the horizon Conor McGregor is growing into this role as the number one contender in the UFC. But in his eyes and mind, he is already the champion and all he needs is the belt to prove it.

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