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A Conor McGregor Film : STARBOY

Conor McGregor Is Starboy

Starboy is the latest edit by the wonderful Hizzer. In it, he documents not just the rise of Conor McGregor. But the stories of the fighters with whom his rise was intertwined with that of Eddie Alvarez, who we follow through his time in the MMA world outside of the UFC. Capturing the Bellator lightweight title in an all out war with the Champion Michael Chandler.

Alvarez soon makes his move to the UFC, where yet again he is forced to prove his metal to a whole new fan base. Things do not get off to a good start when he loses his first bout to Donald Cerrone. But before long his is back into his stride. And scores three consecutive wins against Gilbert Melendez, then the former Champion Anthony Pettis.

Until he finally gets his shot at the 155lb title against the reigning champion Rafael Dos Anjos.

Cut to Conor McGregor doing his thing in the featherweight division. Fighting his way to the top of the pile. And now it’s time to move on to the lightweight division.

The UFC 205 New York conference finally saw Alvarez and his challenger facing off. And yet another bold prediction followed from Mystic Mac. That he would KO the Champion inside one round. Almost time for this fight to go down!

What happens next is now a part of MMA folklore…

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  • Tick Tock Of The Clock – Chromatics
  • Starboy – The Weeknd
  • Lamps – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
  • Wanna Fight -Cliff Martinez
  • Victory – Puff Daddy ft. Notorious B.I.G & Busta Rhymes
  • Bride of Deluxe – Cliff Martinez
  • Biking To School – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
  • Reminder – The Weeknd
  • Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G
  • New York New York (Instrumental) – Frank Sinatra
  • No Weapons – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
  • Elegia – New Order
  • Party Monster – The WeekndHammer – Cliff Martinez
  • Agents – Kyle DIxon & Michael Stein
  • I Get Money – 50 Cent
  • In The Face Of Evil -Magic Sword
  • Kids Two – Kyle Dixon & MIchael Stein

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