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Conor McGregor Speaks with Jim Gray of Showtime Boxing

Conor McGregor Boxing Interview With Jim Gray

The UFC two-division Champion Conor McGregor chats with Jim Gray. About himself, his life and the fact that he is facing Floyd Mayweather this Saturday night in the biggest boxing match in recent memory. McGregor opens up about his life and times and his current state of mind going into the boxing megafight.

Gray opens up the interview by asking McGregor why he likes fighting? To which Conor replies that as an Irishman, he believes its simply bred into him. Jim goes on to ask if Conor is in fact or has he ever been a fan of Floyd Mayweather. And it seems as though there is indeed a degree of respect there for his opponent, regardless of the pre-fight bad mouthing they have done with one another.

Conor goes on to talk about how he first came to know about Floyd and his first impressions. How Floyd had previously spoken badly about the sport of mixed martial arts. And how he had then moved on to talking about Conor himself. And how it was this series of events which firmly placed Mayweather on his radar.

The Money Fight

Conor McGregor breaks down what he believes the boxing world are thinking. While any have belittled his attempt to dethrone the pound for pound boxing great Floyd. Conor still believes that all those very same people will be glued to their television set come fight night. Nervous to see what the outcome of the fight will be!

He goes on to talk about the man himself Floyd, his business decisions. And the issues he has had with the government not paying his taxes. And how much he focuses on the money aspect of the fight. While Conor believes this is important it’s not the be-all and end-all. This is the Money Fight, but don’t let that take away from the fight itself!

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