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Sparring Partner To Conor McGregor’s on His Ring Craft, Technique and Camp

Professional British boxer Louis Adolphe is a 6 – 0. Who was drafted in to help Conor McGregor prepare for his mega-fight with arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Adolphe talks at length about what it’s like to be inside the specialised training environment.

At first, he wasn’t too sure what to expect from the MMA fighter. Who is about to step in against perhaps the greatest p4p boxer of all time? Adolphe says that he was surprised by the overall experience. He talks about McGregor’s style, saying that it’s very unorthodox. That his boxing ability is a lot better than he thought. He goes on to say that McGregor has heavy hands and to add to that, a very sharp mind.

With the bookmakers having Mayweather as a heavy heavy favourite. Are they right to be writing McGregor off in this fight? Well, Louis says that he can see why exactly that is. McGregor is going into his home and because of that, the bookies have to go with the boxing guy. But Adolphe reckons, that from what he has personally experienced. They shouldn’t be writing off McGregor.

Conor McGregor Sparring Partners

He talks about who else is in the camp, including other sparring partners. Louis says that everyone concerned did the best they can do to make McGregor be the best fighter he can possibly be on the night. He also discusses whether he was asked to try and replicate the Floyd Mayweather style.

But he says that this wasn’t the case. All they wanted to do was for Conor to get as much sparring in as possible. They didn’t ask him to do anything specific. He went in there as himself. But at the same time, if he felt he could do something to mimic Floyd at any point. He did those things off his own back.

He mentions that he didn’t strike up a bond with McGregor and that it was all just business. Louis also talks about whether Conor spoke about the upcoming fight. Or even perhaps gave a prediction!

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