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Conor McGregor: SPORT PSYCHOLOGY – Self-Efficacy In Sport

Conor McGregor and Psychology In Sport

What is Self-Efficacy? Self-Efficacy is the belief in our own abilities to perform a given task. Conor McGregor is a perfect example of how high levels of Self-Efficacy can improve sporting performance. Without a doubt, McGregor is the most famous fighter in the world today! Becoming the first UFC fighter to hold two championships belts, in two different weight divisions. It’s pretty safe to say by now that he has literally taken over the UFC.

While Conor has all the attributes of a great fighter, so do his opponents. But what separates him from everyone else is his self-efficacy. A concept developed by Albert Bandura. He described it as;

“The belief in one’s capabilities to organise and execute the course of action required, producing a given attainment.”

“Without confidence in one’s own ability. An individual cannot perform to his or her own potential. It is even possible that someone with lesser ability, but with confidence, can outperform this person. Because of belief in oneself can be a powerful influence!”

Performance Accomplishments can be Defined as Past Experiences

It is said that this is the most influential of all the four sources of self-efficacy. This influence however all depends on the athlete’s perception of those past difficult experiences. Overcoming great challenges will carry greater amounts of self-efficacy. Than easy challenges which require little or no challenge to overcome. With more adversity, an athlete can overcome. The greater their belief in their ability to overcome future adversity will be.

When an athlete doesn’t have enough accomplishments to increase their self-efficacy. It can come from an emotional source. The emotional source of self-efficacy can be very fluid and can change on a day to day basis. Conor McGregor is a bit of a showman. His emotional state is enhanced by his class clown personality. And his high-intensity attitude that he brings to every fight.

But what is most fascinating about Conor McGregor. Is how he reverse engineers his emotional source of self-efficacy. And uses it against his opponent!

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