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Conor McGregor – The Power of Belief

The Power of Self-belief featuring Conor McGregor

With just 30 days to go until the biggest fight in sports history. As the two-division UFC Champion, Conor McGregor faces boxing great Floyd Mayweather! Who is going to win? Conventional wisdom would say there is no question. There is no competition. And Floyd Junior has already written himself the cheque. But are some counting out the Dubliner too soon?

For a guy who from humble beginnings has moved on to become the biggest star in combat sports. A man who visualised his future and in his mind’s eye created the very outcome which we see today. With some beautifully edited segments, we get a montage of time where the younger McGregor spoke openly about his future.

Being 100% confident that he would in time become the UFC Champion. And fulfil his destiny as a World beater.

“If you have a clear belief in that, it will happen no matter what. Then nothing can stop it, it’s destined to happen.”

A Young McGregor Would Visualise

When Conor was young he would visualise stadiums filled with fans. And he realised that it was there for the taking. All he had to do was work for it. So by focusing himself on his goals, they began to happen. And now that they are happening, he’s still making it happen. And that is what spurs him along even more.

He says that when things are going easy, it’s easy to visualise the future. But when things are going bad. That is when it becomes difficult to visualise the good stuff. Conor McGregor talks about how the thing he loves doing, this addiction. Can also secure his families future. He talks about how he doesn’t consider what he does work, it’s just life.

And this is why he has this tunnel vision. Why he is willing to kill every single man in his path to get the belt.

“Through wins, through losses, through life. I feel that I am untouchable.”

I’d rather shoot and miss, than not shoot at all… I will go down as the greatest of all time.

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