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Conor McGregor: Rising Stars of the UFC

Conor McGregor A UFC Rising Star

UFC Rising is a new show on Fightpass which showcases the emerging stars of the UFC’s Octagon. Right now there is surely no one shining brighter than the outspoken man from Dublin Ireland, UFC featherweight Conor McGregor. His attitude may have made the world stand up and take notice, but he backs up what he says with his actions. Here he breaks down his best performances alongside Kenny Florian in a career resume to date.

McGregor came on the scene and made a splash when he fought Marcus Brimmage at UFC on Fuel TV 9, Mousasi vs Latifi. He quickly dealt with Brimage in the very first round of their fight, giving us one of the best performances for a newcomer in the sport. And who could forget his post-fight with Florian, when the man from SBG cheekily shouted for the UFC President to give him the 60 thousand dollars knockout bonus.

It was this fight, coupled with the post-fight press conference that set Conor McGregor on his way. And for just his second fight with the promotion, the Irishman had the crowd on its feet when he fought Max Holloway in Boston. And it was not something which went unnoticed as UFC commentator Joe Rogan. Who said that there was something very unusual about this guy and what he was bringing to the table.

So Conor sits down with ex-fighter Kenny Florian and discusses some of his moments to date inside the UFC octagon. McGregor discusses what he is happy about with his work and what he doesn’t like about what he has done in certain fights. We get some great insight inside the mind of the rising star in the world of mixed martial arts. So let us sit back and enjoy what he has to say about his UFC career to date in this one on one interview.

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