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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Real Footage ● Conor McGregor Vs Paulie Malignaggi ● Knockdown Breakdown

Conor McGregor’s Knocks down Paulie Malignaggi

The breakdown of Conor McGregor‘s Knockdown of Paulie Malignaggi, and the truth of who won the spar. Mindsmash takes a closer look at the now infamous incident including the former world champion boxer. And the current UFC featherweight champion McGregor.

Malignaggi was adamant that he was not knocked down by the Irishman in their sparring. And that the incident was in fact a push, not a knockdown. All we can say is you will have to decide for yourself in this instance. Let us watch and see what truly happened on the day and go from there.


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